Our facility is based around the SONY DMX R-100 Digital 5.1 Console. (Yes we still like to have a lot of faders instead of a mouse.) It is also called the Baby Oxford since it has the same EQ and Compressors as the Flag-ship Sony Console. Furthermore an Avid Euphonix S3Control Surface.
A superb Quested Monitoring System VH3208 & X15 Subs moves the air around your ears and unmasks every tiny little detail of the recording.
We record on the latest Pro Tools but we still value our trusted Mackie HDR24/96 recorders, that are essential for backup when doing on location and live recordings. Other DAW’s avail- able are WaveLab, Cubase and Logic.
We love knobs and thus we have side racks full of gear. Tubes rule at Tritone, you can find outboard gear from Manley, Universal Audio, Groove Tubes.
Reverbs include BriCasti M1, Kurzweil KSP8, TC Electronic and a bunch of convolution reverb plug-Ins.
A/D Conversion and Digital Clocking is exclusively handled by Apogee.
The Microphone Locker is filled with some of the best microphones available. Out of the 70 microphones we own we would especially like to mention:
  • Neumann M149 and M147 Tube Microphones
  • Shoeps CMC6/MK4 Matched pair
  • AKG 414 EB vintage Mics
  • Shure KSM313 Ribbon
  • Blue Baby Bottles Matched pair
  • Rode K2
  • ADK Z67 ( phenomenal U67 sound with brand new components)

But also cheaper ones that sound amazing:

  • Oktava MC012 Matched Pair
  • Studio Projects C1
Plus all the usual suspects. You can contact us for a full list.
Plugins from Waves, McDSP, George Massenburg, Massey, Melodyne, ...
Oh, and last but not least! Several pairs of highly trained and beautifully aged ears.