Georges Majerus

Mind Body and Soul of the Tritone Studios. Runs the business, pays for the gear. Loves to produce music and blow his horns.

Andreas Hirschmann

Pianist - Composer - Arranger.
Proficient on everything that has black and white keys, Andreas is the musical director of the Tritone Studios. He has a better feeling for pitch that Melodyne.

Cordell C. Monson

Sound Engineer - American sound.
Is a seriously experienced Sound engineer from North Dakota who found his love in Luxembourg. The most gentle Dude to record with. He also brews a mean ale for the joy of everyone.

Sebastian Matz
18.1.1973 - 26.06.2013

Sebastian Matz, co-founder of the Tritone Studios Trier, will always be a member of the Tritone Studios Family. He composed and arranged a lot for theater and his own band matz! and was a gifted session musician on the Piano, the Accordion but even more so on the Hammond Organ.
His spirit and congeniality will always roam the Studio.

Mike Butcher - famous!

Freelance Sound Engineer - British sound. Mike has worked with the greatest. 40 years of experience. An invaluable source of information. Always available for a good laugh and a Picon Bière.


The customer is always part of the team!